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Alternator issues

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I ordered a new alternator for my 97 2 door Tahoe and it was different than the one I took out. A previous owner changed the plug and put a 200 amp alternator in. I also have a 94 2door diesel Blazer. The alternator in it matches the new one I bought. Also the alternator in the 94 is on the opposite side of the motor. Is this right? Are the serpentine belts different between a 94 and 97?
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Look for this connector where I described in the previous post.
Usually under the coolant crossover.
If there it should have BRN & WHT wires.
Trace the 4 wire harness in your photos and find where it goes.
No telling what has been done.

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I cannot believe I found the connector you are talking about. I started pulling on harnesses and it was tucked down under the AC unit not plugged into anything. Brown and white wires. The 4 wire harness in my picture goes back to the firewall and across the firewall to the driver's side and then down behind the fuse box. From there, I am not sure. So I can splice my CS 130D at this connector and my Alternator should work. You are the man.
You need to find the ends of the 4 wires to determine what the PO was doing.
Then they need to be removed and any other changes corrected.
You could damage your new alternator, damage the gauge cluster,
have a harness melt down and even a fire.
The 2 wires on the OEM conn. you found go straight to the gauge cluster
with no splices or other connectors.
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It was some kind of service vehicle. It has a backup bell and may have had some equipment wired in. That may be why the old alternator was such a high amp one.
Those are hard to troublshoot since it is not stock setup.
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