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A guy brought me his truck a while back. Some guy who started up a diesel shop(who had never built a transmission) told him he could build his tranny. well heres what i know. there kinda a lot to follow so im gonna just make a list

what was done to the trans
  • they guy replaced c-1 through c-5 with red eagle clutches
  • added a triple disc convertor and a transgo
problems after this

  • truck would only shift 1-2 2-3 and reverse worked
the guy tried replacing(or so he claimed)

  • the valvebody
  • the tcm
when the truck was brought to be it was practically in pieces. i took it apart and found the the c4 apply piston was damaged on install. i small portion of the inner lip was ripped off due to installin it the wrong way.
the front section of the trans looked good(c1-c3)

stuck it back in the truck still only 1st to 3rd and reverse worked. it set a code for the p1721 i believe for the b trim solenoid. we replaced the solenoid and took the valve body apart to look for what might be a stuck valve. i found the that F trim valve(whatever one controls the TCC), IIRC was stuck somewhat, we worked to free it up by working it in and out some and puttin some oil on it as we did that. it seemed to free up a bit. we put it back together... some thing reverse and 1-3 worked

im not completely sure that every valve in the valve body was ok, cause i didnt take everyone of them out, but from the looks of it they seemed ok.

so im not really sure where to go from here, we are gonna reflash the TCM since i think they had fooled around with it.

is there some place than can test a valve body off the truck?

anyone dealt with a promlem similar to this before? i know once i had an E trim vlave stick on a truck but it set a code for it. i check the E on this one but it seemed fine
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