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I just had my ECM reprogrammed and I need to have the allison go into fast learn as my shifts aren't the smoothest and its taking way to long to get better (it has, but not quick enough).

I read on western's chip site the procedure and I know I need to go to the "transmission output controls" from the "special functions" section. Then I need to clear all the TAP cells.

Here is where I'm confused. It then says I need to preset all the TAP cells. What does that mean??? Is it a screen where I just select the presets or do I have to enter something??

That site also said I might see a "Fast Learn Adapt Process", but I think you have to have a special Tech II to use that. Is that the case or not?

Just trying to make sure I know what I'm doing before I go screw something up royally. I'd rather not go to the dealer with hot program on the ECM and the TCM all jacked up. I doubt they would honor the warranty.

Thanks for the help.
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