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Airbox Purpose?

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Noticing the afe type systems being so open, I presume that's why you get more turbo whine.

I'm thinking... do I need the bottom half of my stock airbox at all except to hold in the filter and support the top portion?

I'm considering butchering it by removing almost all of the sides.
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I figure I can totally cut out all four walls, leave the corners standing on the base.

Home grown afe/amsoil
I intend on keeping the bottom intact along with the four corners. I might start selling them.. hootane.com
chevmeister said:
Hoot!!!! What Mac said!!
MAC don't know what he's talking about
. The MAF sensor is in the tube. I'm not going anywhere near it.

I'll leave the bottom intact and cut out the walls as much as I can without making it too weak. So it'll still be held in by the base but the walls will be majorly hacked open.

Same idea as a straight pipe.... low budget, high performance Edited by: hoot
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The MAF is installed with two screws. You just transfer it to the new tube.
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