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HI! I have GMC Vandura 6.2.
I found one inconvenience since cold weather came. The story is about how I "switch" cluster gauges on and when the alternator starts to charge.
1. Turned on ignition.
2. Have to manually start the glow plugs(in the past van has a gasoline engine and now I have additional button to heat the glow plugs).
3. Successfully started the engine
and *there is no charge at all on battery clams(11,5-12V)
** all cluster gauges are OFF

How I solve this weird phenomena?

EVERY time I started the engine I have to increase rpms on idle up to ~1200-1500rpm(the value is unknown, just approximate feeling), then cluster switches on, PARKING/Brake bulb comes ON, alternator starts to charge ~14,5V or a bit more, fuel gauge is on, coolant gauge is on. After pushing accelerator pedal towards, everything seems ok, in summertime I got used to it( got this van since then), but in winter it is probably engine torture rather than problem fixing. Engine is frozen in winter mornings and increasing RPMs is not a good issue.

I remember that military Blazers has common feature at afterstart, but without cluster gauges problem. After start when idling, sometime red light came out with Gen1 or Gen2 indicator, to make it disappear had just to touch an accelerator pedal and red light(s) gone.

SO. The question is - how do you think where to start seeking the way out of so strange maneuvers?

in advance!

P.S. Sorry for my ENG, I`m not from US ;).
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