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Sorry if this has been asked already, I have been reading many different threads the last 2 days and am not finding the answer I'm looking for.

I recently dropped a valve and am in the process of rebuilding my engine. It appeared to be a combination of 250k miles of wear and tear, overrev when the Allison downshifted going down grades loaded, and valve floating. Since both heads are cracked I have 2 new ones coming in, I understand the stock springs are 75' lbs and after 250k miles they are lucky to be at 60'lbs. I want this build to last 300k plus so I want to change the springs to the aftermarket 125-130' lbs springs.

So my question is if I change the springs do I need to change the pushrods?

I have been trying to find an HP rating or some failure point to determine if the stock pushrods will be okay for what I am doing.

I have an '03 LB7 the block is getting bored over (not sure yet to what since the machine shop is sourcing pistons). Stock crank keyed with ARP studs, LML rods with ARP bolts, Stock heads with stock reman updated injectors (LDS), Airdog lift pump, cam keyed, Stock rebuilt turbo with billet wheel and banks bighead wastegate, 3" downpipe and 4" back, intake and big mouth horn, stock intercooler, Banks six gun with speed loader, AEM water/meth. ATS stage 2 Trans.

I use the truck to tow my 39' fifth wheel and move trailers for my buddy's repo company so she gets worked. I want her to be a good solid truck and not worry about having to open her up again for something I could have taken care of while she was already apart.

Thanks for the help guys.


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If it were me I would be changing out those pushrods for peace of mind.
I would contact Brent over at Lincoln Diesel Specialties for some good advice on parts Diesel Injection, Parts and Services
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