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As far as aftermarket goes keep your money. Invest it in upgrades that will help extend the life of your vehicle. Extra filtration and proper maintenance is the best to insure a long lived vehicle.

Extended warranties do you no good if you plan on modifying your truck as far as performance goes. You already have a warranty on the engine for 100k miles, only other thing that could fail that would justify 2k is the transmission. You have a good transmission and the likely hood of it failing is very slim. If there was going to be a problem with it I sure it would have come up by now.

But if you want to get an aftermarket one, www.warrantybynet.com has to be the best. They let you have your own mechanic work on it. I paid $1200 for their full coverage plan. Haven't used it yet, but you never know. I personally look at it as a waste of money now since they won't cover a modified truck. But I just bought it without thinking.

Just my $.02

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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