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Well guys and gals, here are the first batch of Adjustable Rearend Blocks & Spring Clamps that I have available for sale. I was hoping to be a little better priced than what I am, but time, material, and powder coating cost added up in a hurry. These are powder coated in satin black. Please note that these parts may have some minor scratches from assembly. These rearend blocks will replace the factory rubber stops that are attached to the frame above the axle. In most circumstances, with no added weight in the bed, you will be able to leave the standard adjustable rearend block bolted on the truck without bumping the axle going down the road.
Adjustability Measurements
Standard Adjustable Rearend Blocks
-3 3/4" to 5 3/4" in 1/2" increments​
Adjustable Rearend Blocks w/Long Bottom Extension
-6 3/4" to 8 3/4" in 1/2" increments
Standard Kit-$165.00 + shipping
-includes two standard size adjustable blocks and four spring clamps (two per side)
Standard Kit w/Long Bottom Extensions-$170.00 + shipping
-with this kit you can cut the bottom extensions to meet your needs
Long Bottom Extensions Only-$60.00 + shipping
Standard Rearend Blocks Only-$118.00 + shipping
-includes two standard size adjustable blocks only
Rearend Blocks w/Long Bottom Extensions Only-$124.80 + shipping
Spring Clamps Only (set of four)-$54.50 + shipping

Adjustable Pulling Hitches Coming Soon

Thank you for considering PowerMax Performance for your performance parts needs.


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