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One suggestion for Faqs acronym decoder I'll start with a few most common ones feel free to add more;

PMD/FSD = same device Pump Mounted Driver (when installed on IP) or Fuel Solenoid Driver (when removed from IP) electronic device controls operation of fuel solenoid.

IP = Injection Pump

LP = low pressure or lift pump depending on users context

HP = high pressure

6.5 LTD = 6.5 litre turbo diesel 6.5L= approx 396 CID cubic inch displacement

CDR= crankcase depression regulator "tuna can" controls crankcase pressure vents toi turbo inlet

EGR= Exhaust gas regulation valve on emission engines center rear of inlet

L56= "emissions engine" usually at 1/2 T truck or some LD frame 3/4Ts (S engine 8th VIN digit code)

L65= non emission HD truck engine (F engine 8th VIN digit code)

LD/HD= light or heavy duty frame, HD frame and suspension a little "beefier" weigh more, heavier tow/load capacity. Check RPO codes HD is usually L65 code

RPO= regular production options ??? list inbyour glove box of options your truck was delivered with

CAT= catalytic converter slang generally L56 trucks have this

WG= waste gate, flapper in turbos outlet that aids in spool up of turbo to reduce lag time until turbo camn make efficient boost

PCM= powertrain control module brain/computer that runs it all.

OPS= oil pressure switch

WIF= water in fuel

SES= service engine soon/check engine in GM manual this is MIL malfunction indicator lite

APP= accellerator pedal position, electronic module on go pedal that talks to the PCM for more or less fuel from the IP

OBD I or II= on board diagnostic generation I or II, in 1996 Congress mandated all US mfg use common diagnostic port and naming conventions OBDII trucks have electronic IP and require scan tool to read codes and perform diagnostic tests.

MAP= manifold absolute pressure mounted on firewall in OBD II L56 trucks provides EGR feedback and baro conditions to PCM, boost sensor mounted on both L56 & 65 upper intakes sends boost pressure signal to PCM,

In L65 OBD II it also serves as baro sensor at start up, OBD I L65 uses a firewall mounted baro, both look the same but are keyed to only accept correct harness connection.

MAF= mass air flow flow sensor used in L56 to tell PCM how much flow in turbo inlet used to help calculate proper EGR flow

VSS= vehicle speed sensor

IAT= inlet air temp gives input to PCM how hot post turbo air is

ECT= engine coolant temp

IC= intercooler or aftercooler air to air heat exchanger that drops post turbo compressed air temp

WMI= water mist injection another way to cool turbo air using fine water mist

DTC= diagnostic trouble code

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I'll add:

WGDC = waste gate duty cycle, The percentage of waste gate caluculated by the PCM that determines boost levels.

EGT = exhaust gas tempatures. When you turn your WGDC up you should watch your EGT's 1100-1200*F max. allowable tempatures.

EBP =exhaust back pressure is what turns the turbine.

TSM = Timing stepper motor. tsm advances the optical on the cam ring.

CTS = Coolant tempature sensor. It's in the way when you try to loosen the pump bolts. Edited by: quantum mechanic

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Exhaust Pressure - flowing exhaust under residual combustion pressure (energy) - is what spins turbine wheel which drives compressor fan which increases Boost which increases exhaust energy which drives turbine wheel which......... but you get the point, right?

Exhaust Pressure is good.

Exhaust Back Pressure is due to restriction in exhaust path which reduces that flow.

Can be muffler, catalytic convertor(gasoline), soot trap (Diesel), kinked or too small exhaust piping, severe angles, sharp bends in piping.

Small turbine, sized for quick spool up off-idle, becoming restrictive as exhaust energy increases from Boost and rpm.


Exhaust Back Pressure is not good.Edited by: gmctd

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IIRC wasn't here, so I'll add it, somewhere on the forum I'll have to serch for it is another list of net slang, this thread was mostly for engine related slang.

IIRC= If I Remember Correctly, which I sometimes don't so heavy emphasis on 1str word IF
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OMG, WTF is what you say when PMD or FSD is DOA.

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After seeing some of the stuff I and other mods had to weed out in that list; to limit our housekeeping to keep this list clean I'm closing the thread.

PM me or another moderator for any you see missing you want added, hard to believe a few adults can be so childish with gutter slang.

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PMD= Pump Mounted Driver
FSD=Fuel Solenid driver

Heck those 2 are on top of 1st list

OMG= Oh My God
WTF= What Town You From :D :D :D this one purty universal we won't go there

DOA= Dead On Arrival

AFIK= As Far As I Know, similar to IIRC in usage you kinda know but ain't sure enuf to say it is a bona-fi-De fact so has some fugde factor if proven wrong later :D

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TTT= To The Top (a way to bump an old thread back to top of forum without adding commentary)

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These are from the linked post above has some DMax stuff in it as well

General Chat acronyms:
BBIAB = Be back in a bit
BRB = Be right back
BTW = By the way
FOS = Full of S**t
FWIW = For what it's worth
IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
IMHO = In my honest opinion OR In my Honest opinion
IMO = In my opinion
JMO = Just my opinion
LMAO = Laughing my A$$ Off
LOL = Laughing out loud
N/A = Not applicable, not available can also mean naturally aspirated
NFG = No F'n good
POS = Piece of S**t
ROFLMAO = Rolling on the Floor laughing my A$$ off.
RTFM = Read the f***in manual
STFU = Shut the f*** up
TIA = Thanks in advance
TTYL = Talk to you later
TY = Thank you
YW = Your welcome

Truck Acronyms and abbreviations:
#1 = #1 Diesel Fuel (winter diesel fuel)
#2 = #2 Diesel Fuel
APP = Accelerator Pedal Position
BCM = Body control module. The module that controls various body related functions such as power windows, power locks, interior lights etc.
BOV = Blow off valve
CAC = Charge air cooler otherwise called Intercooler
CAT = catalytic converter
CC = Crew Cab
CEL = check engine light
CP3 = Duramax High pressure injection pump
CTD = Cummins Turbo Diesel
DA or D/A = Duramax and Allison combination
DHRA = Diesel Hot Rod association
DRL = Daytime running lights
DRW = Dual rear wheels
DTC = Diagnostic Trouble code
Dyno = Dynamometer
EC = Extended Cab
ECM = Engine control module
ECT = Engine Coolan Temperature
EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGT = Exhaust Gas Temperature
G80 = Gm's RPO code for the rear locking differential in our truck
GN = Goose neck
HD = Heavy Duty
HP = Horsepower or High pressure
IAT = Intake Air Temperature
IC = Intercooler
IP = Injection pump
J/A = Edge Juice and Attitude
LB = Long Box
LP = Lift Pump or Low pressure
MAP = Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor
MAF= Mass Airflow sensor
MIL = Malfunction Indicator Lamp/Light
N20 = Nitrous Oxide
NA = Naturally Aspirated, can also mean not applicable or not available
NOS = Manufacturer of Nitrous Oxide systems (quite often mistaking used to describe Nitrous Oxide)
NSBU = Neutral safety backup sensor.
OBDII = Standard for diagnostic codes
Odo = Odometer
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer
PCV = Postive Crankcase Ventilation
PS = Power stroke or Power steering
PSD = Power stroke Diesel
PTO = Power take off
PYO = GM's RPO code for the aluminum wheels found on our trucks
QC = Quad Cab
RC = Regular Cab
RPO = Regular Production Options
RS = Remote start
RT = Reaction time
SB = Short Box
SES (light) = Service Engine Soon (light)
SRW = Single rear wheels
SS = Stainless steel
TC = Torque converter
TCM = Transmission control module
TIT = Turbine Inlet Temperature
Tech II = GM's tool used to test, diagnose and reprogram the various computers in our truck
VIN = Vehicle Identification Number or Serial number
VSS = Vehicle speed sensor
WG = Waste Gate
WIF = Water in Fuel
WOT = Wide open throttle
ZF = ZF Transmission - 6 speed manual transmission
RWHP = Rear wheel horsepower
ET = Elapsed time - total time it takes to run a 1/8 mile or 1/4 mile track. This doesn't not include the reaction time.

LB7 = GM's RPO code for the Duramax Diesel used in trucks from 2001 to 2004.5 To verify which Engine you have you can look at the 8th digit of the VIN. If it is a 1 you have an LB7

LLY = GM's RPO code for the 2nd generation Duramax Diesel used in trucks from 2004.5 up until 2006.5 8th Digit of the VIN will be a 2. Note: There are 2 generations of the LLY. The 2004.5 trucks and 2005 trucks are a first generation and the 2006 model years are a 2nd generation which are more closely related to the LBZ.

LBZ = GM's RPO code for the 2nd generation Duramax Diesel used in trucks from 2006.5 up. 8th digit of the VIN will be a D.

Diesel Place specific abbreviations and acronyms:

Soup = TTS's Extreme tune
Salad = Anything other then TTS's Extreme tune
BS = Boost stick - A device produced by the Member 'Fingers' that plugs into the MAP sensor to fool the truck into providing more boost. Only used on LLY motors.
Finger stick - A device produced by the Member 'Fingers' that fools the computer into thinking that the EGR is functioning properly when an EGR blocker plate is used.
Limp = If too much power is added to our Duramax's they have the capability to slip the transmission. The Allison's computer will put the truck into a 'Limp home' mode and this is why we refer to it as limping the transmission.
Some of our Vendors abbreviations:

KD = Kennedy Diesel www.kennedydiesel.com - owner goes by the User name Kennedy (John Kennedy)
SC = Suncoast Converters www.suncoastconverters.com - owner goes by the name Smoop (Joe Webb)
ATS = ATS Diesel www.atsdiesel.com - owner Clint Cannon
TTS = TTS Power systems www.ttspowersystems.com - owner goes by
SD = Super Diesel www.superdieselperformance.com - owner goes by Super Diesel
PPE = Pacific Performance Engineering
VA = Van Aaken
Edge = Edge Products Inc www.edgeproductsinc.com
BD = Bully Dog
BD = BD Power www.bd-power.com
www.turbodieselpower.com - owner goes by DSTRBD
Mike L. - Inglewood Transmissions - Owner Mike L. :sheephump
Eric - GMDieselTech.com www.gmdieseltech.com Owner goes by dmaxallitech (Eric Merchant)
DPP - Diesel Performance Parts www.dieselperformanceparts.com - Owner goes by Mark Craig (Mark Craig)
DPS - Diesel Performance Shops www.dieselperformanceshop.com - Owner [email protected]
Trippin - Socal Diesel - www.socaldiesel.com - Owner Trippin (Guy Tripp)
MBRP - www.mbrp.com

Bill - Bill Heath owner\founder of http://www.heathdiesel.com/

gmctd - 6.2/6.5 moderator

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RattlinBlazer;2018500; said:
What is the ALDL? I looked on your updated acronym list and apparently that one was omitted. Although, I could just be an idiot too:)
TD edit It ain't a mental disorder :D

ALDL= Assembly Line Diagnostic Link

It's under your dash, below the steerin' wheel. This is where a scanner would be hooked up. Usin' a paper clip you can check error codes (DTC's)


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ALDL may be correct term during assembly I just parroted the acronym from the other site, in both my 95 & 98 manuals it is referred to a DLC = Data Link Connector
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