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94 gmc k3500 dually
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The 02 2500hd having fuel related issues I decided to run top engine cleaner through it to see what happens. Our local dealership had the 19355198 32 ounce cans. The parts guy, a good knowelgable guy told me it was not as good as the old stuff. I bought two cans and went home. Only to find no instructions on the can and that is a professional gasoline intake cleaner. Now I did tell the parts guy it's intended use and I personally know him, he would not steer me wrong. I mixed 1/2 gallon of diesel with about 16oz of cleaner and ran it through. About half way through the mixture that was a cloudy lemonaid color turned a gray green color like pond scum. Toward the end it cleared up but the jug still had some brownish sediment in the bottom. Since I could see it working I decided to run it again. Also the original product more concentrated called for 13oz so I ran24 oz. I took it out for a spin and it was much more responsive. Below are some pictures of the filter and what came out of. I still need to do a return rate test and check the balance rates and compare.

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