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A Pair of 6.2s

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Nothing exciting to see here, just my contribution, to this thread. Some of you more "experienced" members, might remember my 83 postings in the past. I bought the truck in 92, and joined this site soon after, and have been educated by the knowledgeable staff, and members. It hasn't been "replaced" by my purchasing the 93 stakebed 2500 military issue, (no emissions) non turbo 6.2, but has been out to pasture, "temporarily", till I can get the 83 on the priority list of "things ta do.

not the prettiest site you guys have seen, but rewarding to me, in that "both" trucks are running here. I'm hoping to put some cosmetic improvements to the 83 this summer, so I'll keep ya posted.
(Funny how making this thread, can't find a way to preview it B4 posting. Oh well, here goes.)
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Thanks for sharing! Nice trucks, both have wear abd character. Personally something I like. Um not impressed with trailer queens. Keep us updated with your progress!

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