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Hello all! I am considering upgrading my leaf springs is it seems that my overload springs are constantly rubbing due to the fact that I have a utility bed loaded with tools all the time. I spun the overload bushings around a couple years ago and there already wearing pretty good. My truck is a 94 c3500 and I happen to have all of the donor parts from a 2001 c3500 HD... The spring length looks pretty close. Suspension is absolutely not my wheelhouse so I'm asking for guidance. From what it looks like I would need to...

Drill out rivets from donor frame and remove donor brackets

Press new bushings in spring assemblies
One side at a time jack up frame and remove existing spring and drill out brackets.
Drill new holes as necessary on donor brackets through existing frame to maintain donor width on bolt holesaand in with grade 8 bolts and washers with nylocs
Bolt in new spring and repeat

Enjoy new springs...

Is it that simple? Maybe the added height might require a longer shock?

any input would be greatly appreciated even if it is telling me it's not worth it and get airbags instead but other than the bushings and bolts everything is free to me.


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