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Would like some advice from the experienced masters, concerning compatibilities. Below is the truck, (for sale) in question . This truck has lots of good stuff. (Long post...questions at bottom, red hi-lites)
Currently, I already own a couple trucks. An 83 6.2 C-30 cab and chassis duelly, (with tubbed and modified PU body) 465 SM, W/ 4.10 rear. Extremely rough body, but I like the lack of electronics, and the simplicity. I also installed a Holmes 440 winch, driven off the 465 PTO. It was my work truck for almost 30 yrs. I have plans to (someday) do the body over, (snicker, snicker :)) and right now, sits pretty rough unregistered.

My other truck, (current driver) is a 93 2500 GMT-400, (military issue J-code) 6.2, (non electronic IP), N/A, 4L80E, 3.73 rear gear. Lower mileage and runs like a clock. Compared to the Non-OD 83, this truck screams on the hi-way. Altho the body is nowhere near as bad as the 83, it needs paint, and has minor surface rusting underneath. Also being a single rear wheel, and automatic, plus basic dash, it's kinda boring. (but runs great)

My dream plans were to put the J-code 93 6.2 into the refurbished 83 1 ton dually, with an "Advanced Adapters" gear splitter on the 465. That way I can drive faster than 55 MPH on the hi-way. Plus have a better spread between 2nd, and hi gear. And the 93 J-code engine, (from the 93) heads will accept a stock 6.5 Turbo better than the early 83 6.2. Lots of work, for some-one pushing retirement age. I don't mind the work, but looking at all options. People say I should junk the 83, and concentrate on the 93.

Enter todays find. In town. A 95 GMC, (says 1500 on the cab?) with a huge frame, extended wheel base, a dump body, and 6.5 TD. In running condition. Also a stick shift, (which I want), and am assuming it's an NV4500? (Says the dump needs work.). I'm not interested in the body, but the drivetrain GMC badges, and (my main question), the interior has a factory TACH! (How exciting is that?) Has the factory gauge pkg, that seems as rare as hens teeth.
So what does this thing have that I want?
-Factory tach
-NV4500, with all the needed attachments for my 93
-Turbo diesel with just over 100K, (so it says)
-duelly rear.

So comes my main questions,
1- Will the 95 gauge pkg adapt to the 93? (Dash looks different)
2- Will the duelly rear sit on the 93 leaf springs, (stake bed)
3-Will the Turbo set-up work on the 93 6.2, with the mech. IP?
Asking price on the 95 is over 4K, so now I have a new option, that probably won't last long.
If you made it this far, I thank you for hearing me out, and for your replies.


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