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6.5 Turbo Diesel - 23 MPG+ at 70 MPH
Westers Mild performance chip
New Glow Plugs
Full load except leather
256,000 Km's (160,000 miles) - Updated mileage is now about 290,000 Km's and still going strong.
Vac pump removed (spring on wastegate, set real low as there's no gauges)
Gutted upper plenim
Snorkel removed
EGR Block off plate
3" Down pipe
Newer 5521 IP
New Oil Cooler & Lines.
Stock running boards & Trim, never painted
Newer Rubber
Front Brakes and rotors 2 years ago
New wiper motor circuit board
Only ever towed a 3000 lb boat for me a couple of times
1 -2 ltrs oil between changes, 0-30 or 0-40 Full Synthetic Only

A good cleaning!
Passenger door inside needs a new plastic plate where the door lock is.
A new owner.

Truck is currently located in Gibons Alberta, about 30 min's north of Fort Saskatchewan/Edmonton
The truck will only be released once payment has cleared.
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