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I believe the 6.5L Turbo diesel was from a 1993 2500 pickup. it has a serpentine belt drive. alt. and power steering pump on driver-side. Mechanical pump. it has a dual mass standard tranny fly-wheel. electric lift pump, broken crank. New block and crank will be from 95 G30 Van. 6.5L N/A

I'm swapping this into my 90 GMC K5 Jimmy, originally equipped with a 350 gas motor TBI, and 700r4 NP241. The drive train is no good motor blew a rod, tranny and transfer case locked up. I also have a 1986 K5 Jimmy 6.2L N/A diesel with cruise, 700r4 and NP208. V belt drive with A/C. The motor is cracked. I will be using the Tranny and transfer case from it.

Transmission Can I use the 6.2L flex plate on the turbo motor? I have a 6.5L flex-plate from a G30 van but it was mated to a 4L80E and the bolt pattern to the troque convertor looks very different! Will the 700r4 Handel the power from the turbo? It has a balanced heavy duty torque convertor and additional tranny cooler. I won't be towing just a fun winter truck, and mud truck.

Exhaust the driver side manifold looks like it comes back a lot further, and might hit the firewall on the old body style? I can't see why I couldn't use the one from the 6.2L if I have to, just gut the back pressure plate. the Passenger manifold should fit. I think the a/c box will need to bee modded or removed to clear the Turbo. Anyone use the stock c/k pickup turbo cross over pipe on the old body style trucks? I then plan on a 3 or 4" straight pipe from the turbo back.

Fuel system the 6.2L was mechanical lift pump on the block. The turbo motor is electric lift pump, the Turbo oil drain back goes into the fuel pump block of plate, I could run this into the oil pan, and use a mechanical lift pump and rod. Another thought would be to use the electric fuel pump from the TBI motor, to much pressure? Should I use the gas tank from the gas TBI motor with the diesel filler neck, or my infected (green colored) diesel tank from the 86 jimmy. Is diesel fuel line different then gas fuel line? Lordco only carries gas line. The 6.2L firewall mounted fuel filter, I'd like to ditch and use the intake mounted round filter from the Turbo diesel providing the in water fuel sensor and heater can be controlled by the 86 6.2L wiring. Otherwise I will need to source newer electric frame mounted lift pump.

Throttle cable cruise, TV cable/rod I'm hoping to use the vacuum/electric cruise from the 86 6.2L and TV rod, and cable. However the 6.5L Turbo doesn't have a vacuum pump, will the 6.2L vacuum pump work? It's driven off the cam gear at the back of the intake. the 6.5L just has a drive shaft and gear that goes in that whole to drive the oil pump.

Cooling system Will my stock 6.2L rad handle the heat? it was a standard rotation water pump and fan (V-groove setup) I will be using the turbo serpentine belt drive, with reverse rotation water pump. What hoses do I use. What fan will work? I also have a 95 G-van fan clutch and fan bent blade.. from a 6.5L N/A diesel. Will the stock shroud work?

Belt driven accessories I have a serpentine setup from a 95 G30 Van 6.5L N/A. A/C delete pulley, Alt. on passenger side. Hydro boost power steering pump, with remote reservoir on driver-side. The alt. plug is different, how will it charge, will my gauge work? I also have the 6.5L TD serpentine setup, alt. and non hydro boost pump?..on driver side. A/C comp. on passenger side I won't be running a/c and the compressor is missing I will need a delete pulley, if they make one.

Little things the turbo motor had a side ways oil filter, don't know why..I'd like to ditch that and go straight down like the 6.2L providing it clears the exhaust. I don't see a vacuum line to the turbo waste gate, is it broken off? What kind of air filter do I try and use?

Engine mounts I'd like to use the 90 K5 gas motor frame, are the gas and diesel frames different? I'd like to use the 6.2L diesel mounts on the 6.5L motor if that works, but I will replace the rubber with new.

If anyone has done a build thread on either a CK5 or K5 6.5L turbo swap..please give me the links. Thanks a lot for reading hope you guys can help me, build Frankenstein...haha 6.5L TD on 95 6.5L N/A bottom end, 86 Jimmy rotted body, with 90 Jimmy body and frame.
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