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8.1L vs SRT-10

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All in all, would a SS Silverado with an 8.1 (given some love) be able to compete with a SRT-10 Ram?
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Ogre;1553891; said:
I don't think they are made, but I can't see an 8.1 (short of supercharged) hanging with an RT10 Ram. That is unless the guy driving the Ram doesn't know how to drive and spins the tires.
Hopefully they will build the 427SS that was at SEMA, with a GMC badged on the front even better. That would give the Dodge a run for the money for sure.
MileHighCTD;1567721; said:
I think a Dmax powered shortbed standard cab would be the hot ticket!
Well that would be awesome. And I really do hope they 7.0 ( 427 ) makes its way as an option in the trucks.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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