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8.1L vs SRT-10

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All in all, would a SS Silverado with an 8.1 (given some love) be able to compete with a SRT-10 Ram?
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In a 6800lbs my 8.1 ran 14.40 N/A and with a 200hp of N2O [email protected] 108mph.
WilliamBos;1568052; said:
Well that would be awesome. And I really do hope they 7.0 ( 427 ) makes its way as an option in the trucks.
The new LS7 is the reason I'm selling the heads and cam I have for my Camaro. My car will have a ls7! LOL
Peat;1570187; said:
So imagine what a turbocharged srt-10 with n2O will do...:)
We supposedly have a 10sec one that just showed up in town.:rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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