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8.1L driveability problem...engine problem?

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My '02 8.1L w/ 36k on it just developed a driveability problem.

Apears to want to stall when slowing to a stop (rpms go below 500) and sometimes feels like transmision isnt downshifting causing the truck to sorta want to keep pushing forward for a brief second.

Truck accelerates fine unless coming off of the stumble where it feels like a sudden acceleration from the brief delay.

Truck idles fine when in nuetral or park (no load).

Woried that it was a tranny problem....but fluid level is correct and looks good-red. I dont believe its been serviced yet...could a spin on filter replacement fix whatever is going on? Thought I may have read a while ago that that can cause driveability problems....

Problem apears to occure when warmed up...but cold out. Might be coincidence as it just started getting cold around here.

Does this sound like the infamous 8.1L crank sensor issue?

I'm gonna post similar message in Allison OEM in case its a tranny problem.
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"All '01's and early '02's need it."
My 02 was manufactured in 5/06/2002. Does this mean that I'll be in the clear for the crank sensor problem? I've got 37k miles on it now and so far no issues with stalling.
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