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6.5 Valve parts - proper assembly

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Thank you in advance for your help!

It's been a while but getting back into my 6.5 rebuild. I wanted to double check to make sure that the pieces are in the proper order and more importantly, which seals to use.

Please refer to the picture but I have 16 of the blue seals, 8 of the red collared seals and 16 of the thin rubbery rings.

The spring "caps" go on the top of the springs nearest the valve lock seats?

The tiny orings... Seems like these are tricky to install. Should I use them? If so, are they placed on valve shaft after/on-top-of the valve lock seats or before?

Thank you
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Great info thank you.

Should the exhaust stem seals be a tight fit on the valve guide? The guide OD is about 0.56" (9/16") and the ID of the blue and red seal is about 0.58". It's a bit loose. The originals were tight.

The "rotators" go on top, the o-ring s go in the bottom grove in the stems, only the exhaust use seals in a stock head, probably the blue seals are correct , the valves are 2 different sizes, use what fits, and you should have thin shims that go under the spring against the head.
Thank you!
Yes, they won't seal if not tight.
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