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Well it's time boys. After running into issue after issue with my current motor an fixing everything the previous owner "fixed" shes running great and after needimg a starter and a radiator called the right place an got those along with a 6.5 engine for dirt cheap. Its going to be torn down and everything gone through an have everything I can think of (and you guys can think of) done to it. I know the essentials of :
k47 air intake from 97+ model years
Diamond Eye 4" exhaust
Inline fuel filtration
Fluid Ampr Harmonic Balancer and Billet Pulley
Braided Stainless Oil Cooler Lines

HO water pump
Dmax fan and Severe Duty Clutch
HX40II Turbo
Fuel, Boost, EGT Gauges

What else should be done to this new motor to make it supreme an out live me an my son.
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