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Here is a list of DIY articles and threads for the 6.5/6.2.

6.5L Diesel

FAQs and Information Here

Alternator - Upgrade to CS144 140 Amp Alternator

Alternator- Upgrade to AD244 130 Amp Alternator 96+ model years, plug n play

Alternator - Upgrade your alternator to a dual belt.

Battery Cables - How To Make Them

Battery Terminal Mod V1,

Battery Terminal Mod V2

Braided Stainless Hoses With AN Fittings - How To Make Them Without Special Tools

Clutch - How To Convert From Plastic Hydraulic Line to Metal Line

ECT Fooler For Better Cold Starts

Feed The Beast, Feed The Beast II

Front Brakes and Hubs - K3500 Truck

Front End Bushing Rebuild with Pictures

Fuel Filter Racor 230R10 WIF Detector Install With Pictures

Fuel Line Upgrade

Fuel Tank Removal/Install - Suburban

Glow Plug Override

Glow Plug Harness

Headlight All-On Mod

Heat Shields For Hoses - How To Make

High Idle (OBD I)

High Idle (OBD II)

Home Made USB Scantool

Hydroboost Remove & Install Version 1 and Hydroboost Remove & Install Version 2

Intake Modifications

Inside LED Light Modification (Gauge cluster, AC/Fan controls, headlight switch, map/dome)

Intercooler Install "A" and Intercooler Install "B"

Keyless Entry, Remote Start and Alarm Wiring

Lift Pump (FASS Brand) Install

Oil Cooler Lines
Oil Filter - Remote Installation

OPS Relay Mod

Rocker Arm Retainer-Alternative Fix Option 1

Rocker Arm Retainer-Alternative Fix Option 2

Secondary 2 Micron Fuel Filter

Steering Stabilizer

TCC Lockup Mod (OBDI ONLY)

Touch Screen For Your Truck Mod

Tow Mirrors
Transfer Case Overhaul

Turbo Oil Drain - How To Make One

Water Mist Injection

Upgrade Your Turbo Threads
Turbo Upgrade
HX40W-II turbo

6.2L Diesel
6.2L FAQs

140Amp CS144 Alternator- Upgrade/swap and vbelt tensioner

Electronic Cruise Control Conversion

Fender Removal - 3rd Gen 1973-1987

Glow Plug Relay Mod - With Timer

Heater Box Overhaul

NP208 Rear Output Leak Fix Walk Through

DIY Oil Cooler Lines

S10 AC Box

Window Motor Relay Mod
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