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Guess I don't really need help on this one just kinda info for others. This summer I put 0 ga. batt. cables and a reman. starter on my old 6.2. My 6.5 however still has factory cables and i'm not sure how old the starter is. Batteries are strong in both. Anyway went out to start the 6.5 and realized, $hit I forgot to plug it in and its 9 degs. So I tried for a little while and it was a no go. Cranks real slow when it's that cold. Walk over to the 6.2, also not plugged in, turn the key on waited for the glows glowed them manual for 10 sec after that and she sputtered to life. Rattled like he!! but it went. Next upgrade for the 6.5 is some bigger cables and possibly a new starter, that was real pathetic that I had to rely on old rusty trusty to get me around. Figured i'd post this as a example of how much difference big cables and new starter make. I'm posting this in both 6.5 and 6.2 forums, if that is a problem feel free to move or delete.
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