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Hi guys,

posting for the first time.

I'm doing major overhaul to my G20 Van with a 6.2 NA C-code diesel (mostly bodywork).

Engine-wise I have just installed new timing gears and timing chain because the old chain was super loose. I am just about to start with assemblying
the engine back to its original state.

So could you guys check if I have done everything right? I don't want to put the whole thing back together just to find out it will not start.

Firstly, after I pulled the water pump off the timing cover, I rotated the engine so that the IP driven gear and the cam gear aligned their
timing marks. Although there were marks on the gears themselves, I reinforced the marks with a marking pen. The gears being aligned, I marked
the IP position in relation to the timing cover.

Then, in order to pull the timing cover off, I removed the IP driven gear. After the timing cover was removed, I had doubts about cranking the
engine with the IP gear off. I called a friend who knows he's way around these 6.2 diesels and asked if I could crank the engine with the IP
gear off. He answered that it would be OK since I would have to rotate the engine after the new gears and chain were in place in order to
match the IP and CAM timing marks. I had to rotate the crankshaft two full circles because I couldn't match the crank and the cam timing marks just right.
After the marks were matched, I removed the old chain and sprockets and installed the new ones back in. After the new parts were installed, I cranked the
engine to line up the cam gear in relation to the to-be-installed IP driven gear.

Now I am about to install the timing cover back in. Next step is to install the timing chain cover and bolt the IP back on and reattach the IP driven gear.

Will my car start even though I rotated the crank (as told by my 6.2 diesel expert-friend) with the IP driven gear off?

Can I try to start the engine briefly when I have the timing cover installed but not the water pump?

If you think it's not going to fire up, what should I do?

I am a total newbie with American-made diesels and diesels in general. Only been playing around with gasoline engines.

I am sorry if some of my text is unclear to you, I am not a native English speaker.

Best regards,

Tero Korhonen
Southeastern Finland (a.k.a Southwestern Russia)

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Hey yo. Engine won't start without the IP gear. Won't break anything just wont start well except your starter if you grind on it too long.
I don't know if you already did this because I didn't hear you mentioned it. The crank and cam sprockets have marks that have to line up. The crank sprocket at 12 and the cam sprocket at 6. Once you have those two lined up with the chain installed.
Next put on the cam gear. Turn the crank one full turn until the cam gear mark is at 12.
Install the IP gear with the mark lined up with the cam gear mark at 6.
Very helpful information in 6.2 army manual in the FAQ.
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