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6.2 4door whats it worth

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this is my first post been a member for about a month.but been to busy reading all the good info.i just found a 1986 chevy 4 door 1ton 4wheel drive.fully loaded except cruise doesn't work .but truck looks to be in good shape.it has a six in lift with 35s tranny is a four speed stick .90,000 original miles what is it worth?and any ideas on whats wrong with the cruise ?any common problems.sorry don't have any pics.and is this year of motor good. thanks for any comments and ideas about the cruise.
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jdemaris;1556256; said:
Funny how the grass is always seems to be "greener on the other side of the fence." My wife and I both drive Subaru 4WD wagons in the winter for basic transportation. They rust out something awful - and the last 4WD Subaru made was around 1994 - when they switched to full-time AWD. I've got over a dozen of them up in my field - all still run fine - but all literally broken in half from rust. So, I'm always searching for rust-free Subaru 4WD wagons 1985 - 1994. I don't think they exist in New York anymore. Just recently, there have been several, for sale - in Kentucky and North Carolina - and cheap. Problem is - it would cost me twice the price of the car to get it here.

Back to the four-door Chevy trucks - what do you use them for? I can't stand them myself - the wheelbase is too long. I live on a very narrow dirt road - and from one my driveways - you can't even make the turn onto the road without backing up once and making it more of a "three point turn." Same goes with pulling a trailer. On one of my winding and narrow farm roads - I can pull an equipment trailer no problem with a K5 Blazer or a full size standard-cab pickup - but cannot even make it with a ex-cab long-bed truck. I know, I've got two F250 ex-cab, long-bed Fords. The long-wheel base makes it impossible. A four-door truck with an 8' bed is even worse.
one of these days you buy a car down here i'll buy a 6.2 up there and I'll drive up there with your car and bring my truck back.... to bad it don't work like that huh... or I'd jump on a deal where you live at...
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