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6.2 4door whats it worth

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this is my first post been a member for about a month.but been to busy reading all the good info.i just found a 1986 chevy 4 door 1ton 4wheel drive.fully loaded except cruise doesn't work .but truck looks to be in good shape.it has a six in lift with 35s tranny is a four speed stick .90,000 original miles what is it worth?and any ideas on whats wrong with the cruise ?any common problems.sorry don't have any pics.and is this year of motor good. thanks for any comments and ideas about the cruise.
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Price depends on condition of the body. If it is mostly rust free and the truck drives well, it could bring in excess of 5,000.00. That truck has all the best running gear in it. 14 bolt rear, dana 60 front, sm 465 and np 205 transfercase. The price on a truck like that can bring good money if it is in good condition. The price goes down fast if it is full of rust. Running gear alone is worth close to 3,000.00. This truck would be as reliable as any 20 year old vehicle, it will need repairs from time to time.
If you can find me a bunch of dana 60 front axles with single wheel set up for 150.00, I will buy all I can get. They bring a minimum of 900.00 from the off road sector. Now if they are all nasty from rust, that could be a different story, but they are still highly sought after.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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