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#4 Injector Replaced

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Hey guys though I would chime in and say to mark another 03 LB7 on the Injector calander.

I know it has been bad for about a month, been doing sampling and checking the oil finally started to smoke out the country side at idle and took it to the dealer and wanted to make sure the injector was good and toast.

Balance rate at idle cold was 6.0, when at op temp, 15.0 :cool: Yep she was due.

Removed J/A first and sent that back to Edge for a newer version update because it caused the truck to shutdown only once over the course of a year.

Took it into dealer this am and have truck back after 8 hrs and cost me $40 to pay for the labor to install my own new Wix fuel filter.

I am throughly elated to the customer service, no questions asked and prompt attention. This is the only dealer I trust and let touch my truck. I have about 5 gm dealers between my residence and the paticular dealer and they will never see my truck.

I do all my own work, have been for years and when warranty issue arrise it goes straight to these guys.

Now she purrs like a fine indirect should, good power again and looking forward to good mpg again.
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Under the TSB I beleive they should have replaced all of them.
the other 7 were within spec

Hope the other 7 are not soon to go. They should have replaced all 8. At least you didn't have problems with the dealer.
he said under the tsb ....
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