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Hey Guys,

I googled a search on how to remove a fender on a 3rd gen truck, and could not find any DIY's out there. I did the project myself today and here's my DIY. Sorry for the lack of photos.

Tools needed:
6mm socket
10mm socket
12mm socket
13mm socket
13mm wrench
14mm socket
Vise grips
Flat-head screwdriver
Hex Key Set

Remove the battery and battery tray on the side of the vehicle where you'll be working. It will be in the way later.

Locate the two larger mounting bolts. One will be directly behind the hood latch, and the second will be under the vehicle on the inside of the fender. These should be 14mm bolts and will be tough to turn out if they've never been done before. The one under the vehicle is especially difficult if you live in a rusty area like I do. (But the Suburban is from Arizona :coolnana: )

Once the two 14mm bolts are free, locate the bolts on the inner fender. You will need to remove them all. There is one 14mm bolt, three 10mm bolts for the coolant overflow bottle and roughly 6 more securing the inner fender to the fender it's self.

With these removed, undo the bezel around your headlights using a hex key and remove it. Undo the adjusting screws on the headlights and remove them (both)

Use a vise grip on the opposite side where you are working, and clamp it down on the hood hinge. This will keep the hood open when you remove the other hinge.

Remove the two 13mm mounting bolts from the hood hinge to the hood it's self, and then remove the two 13mm mounting bolts for the bracket from the old fender.

STEP 7- Remove the 4 13mm bolts holding on the inner fender located at the front of the wheel well behind the bumper.

STEP 8- Remove the 4 13mm bolts holding on the fender to the space where you remove the headlights. I had trouble with this due to the accident damage on the fender, so I had to cut one bolt.

STEP 9- Remove the emblems, transfer the inner liner if you're re-using it and begin re-assembly.

Hope this helps someone else out.

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Thanks for posting it.I'm sure it'll benefit someone here.
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