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37" Tires with a 6" Lift

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Do you guys know if you can use 37" tires on a 6" lift. Someone who is interested in my lift kit is wondering about that.
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Yes, it can be done. I had to trim my metal bumper not to rub off road. I'm cranked about 1.5" past the 6" pro comp. If it's a full drop, then I would say yes. CV angles would be too bad with a knuckle lift. Also, the Toyo's are much bigger than a 37" BFG, so that would be even better. And the best rim to fit them is an 8" wide wheel with 4.5"BS. I'm running a 17x8 with 4" BS, and it works.
Also, some spindle lifts only drop the diff 4", and achive the other 2" by cranking. Full drops do drop the diff 6", so the cv's are flat. Another 1.5 to 2" crank and your angles won't be soo bad.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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