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315/70/17 BFG AT's

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Looking at getting a set of H2's with the OEM tires, but unsure after searching if they'll fit a stock with cranked t-bars and trimming?

What is the stock BS. vs the H2's? Do the H2's come close to the A-arms on the stock setup and that is where the rubbing is taking place?

I know every truck is different and I don't mind trimming. Also, do the Chevy centers just have to have the knobs knocked off to fit on the H2's? Any other fabrication needed?

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H2's are 5.5" BS and stocks are 5.0" BS. Many people are sporting H2's on stock setup with some trimming and t-bars cranking. That is all you need to do to the center caps to get them to fit on the H2's. Most of the rubbing comes from the front bumper and the wheel well. I also believe there is a e-brake cable that has to be cable tied out of the way.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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