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315/70/17 BFG AT's

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Looking at getting a set of H2's with the OEM tires, but unsure after searching if they'll fit a stock with cranked t-bars and trimming?

What is the stock BS. vs the H2's? Do the H2's come close to the A-arms on the stock setup and that is where the rubbing is taking place?

I know every truck is different and I don't mind trimming. Also, do the Chevy centers just have to have the knobs knocked off to fit on the H2's? Any other fabrication needed?

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Reineke;1542208; said:
H2's are 5.5" BS and stocks are 5.0" BS. Many people are sporting H2's on stock setup with some trimming and t-bars cranking. That is all you need to do to the center caps to get them to fit on the H2's. Most of the rubbing comes from the front bumper and the wheel well. I also believe there is a e-brake cable that has to be cable tied out of the way.
Much appreciated. I see the many H2's on the 2500, but what about that tire size, any experience?
sledog;1545730; said:
most are running the H2's with 315 BFG AT's as they were take offs. It's a tight fit but they do work. Anything smaller works on the H2 17" rim too. Turn up torsions, front spoiler trimming, tie back the ebrake cable, longer front shocks(optional but makes a big difference or longer shock mounts with factory shocks), And get an alignment once your done. Just that easy! Check my garage for pics
That is a beautiful truck you have there! I'm still debating on the 315's, how bad did it throw off your speedo and your gas mileage? Since I have an 01 I can't change it with my "on it's way" Power Pup, but should salvage some decent mileage I'm hoping. Anyone know if the stealership can, I have heard they only do up to 285's if lucky.
sledog;1548541; said:
My speedo is 100% on. The power pup can adjust for tire sizes. My gas mileage is about the same at 60MPH because I now turn about 1550 rpm instead of 1800-1900 with the factory 245's
From what I've been reading since it's an 01 the pup can't change the tire size, past owner mentioned it also so we'll have to see. I was hoping with the RPMs lower it wouldn't be to bad, I was running 32" on my 92 Cherokee and loved cruising down the highway 600 rpm lower, just sucked going up hills and passing:eek::
sledog;1548593; said:
duramaxes don't have problems going up hills or passing :D

You could always get yourself a cheap GPS and use it as your speedo. My first garmin was under $70 bucks.
I've learned this and can't wait for the pup to arrive! How would you rate your pup on a 1-10 scale? Do you have any excessive timing noise?

I just plan on seeing what one of the local speed trap signals say, the things going to really flash when I hit 70:D
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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