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i am planning to replace the 4.10 gears in my step van to make it more of a highway cruiser since that is what most of it's miles are - the 4.10's are not good on fuel economy and make the engine really rev hard at 65 mph. Drive below 60 mph in a van like this and you just get blown off the road by semis.
A friend of mine with the same van is putting 3.21's in at some point and is convinced that is the way to go, but a lot of other people i spoke with say that would make it too slow to get started, especically getting on a freeway, and that in city driving the fuel economy could actually drop.
I could go with 3.73 but it would not likely do much for fuel economy.
Any thoughts on this matter?
Also, can anyone tell me where to get the best deal on a master rebuild kit for a 14 bolt rear end? when i replace the gears i want to replace bearings, seals, etc.
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