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285's vs. 265's???

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My 285 bfg a/t's are nearly worn out. I am look at the cooper discoverer s/t-c or the stt. The s/t-c seems more aggressive and appealing although largest tire is a 265. Will there be a substantial difference in the 285 size vs. the 265?
Discoverer S/T-C
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1" shorter and narrower. imo i couldnt go from a 285 to a 265. i have 265s now and they look tiny, i think 285s are the smallest size id ever spend money on.
Nor could I.

265's are a good mix between the stock 245's and 285's.
265's weight less and are easier for the truck to move so braking distance shortens, acceleration increases as does milage.
I like the fact that I can run 265s without having to crank the torsion bars. I like to keep that front driveline angle down.
love my 265's and dont want to have to crank my T-bars either to fit 285's

I think the 265's lok great... pics in garage
I woudl stick with 285's, but thats just my opinion
I'd stick with 265s unless you want to be cranking and/or trimming. Some say 285s fit "stock"...I say not w/o cranking and/or trimming.

I know trucks vary but I needed a minumum of 2" (8 torsion bar adjuster turns) to gain clearance for my 285s on stock wheels.
285's look a little better but you can't beat the 265's. The only mistake I made was I got d rated instead of e rated. :eek::
personally i couldnt go any smaller than 285, and even those look way too small on the big dmax. my truck is lifted though so that does make em look a lot smaller.
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