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Those can't be "245's" LOL guess Uncle Saam doesn't worry about warranty, he has a whole motor pool set up! LOL

Hey I wonder how much out trucks would cost with "No Waranty" Absolutely nothing, zero coverage, nada, zip.......how much do they build into the price for warranty risk?

5, 10, 20 or 25% maybe.........With a lower cost maybe I could afford to fix it myself or we could set some guys up like Eric in private business to handle whatever comes up. LOL

Guess if it wasn't for warranty risk the parts would all be desiged to fail whenever....

Sometimes I feel like I bought a "timebomb" (just kidding Homeland Security if you are reading this stuff) and don't know when it's gonna happen, just that it might and the more miles, the closer it gets. A lot like living in California and thinking about how long it's been since the last "big one" hit and how likely the next one is just around the corner.

I think I will load up the truck with 10% of my worldly possessions ship it all to China, get a job in one of those new factories and just live out my remaing years in abject poverty for $0.25 per hour, learning to love rice and living in my truck as can't afford fuel and rice. This is all getting just too depressing.........

That lady CEO of HP Computers told congress this week that quote "Americans don't have a God Given Right To Jobs" unquote during congressional hearings about the migration of jobs overseas.

Well I have a God Given "choice" of what I buy and even though I can't find an American made printer or computer anymore, whatever I buy it won't be an HP product.

Some one said it before, the only way to stop this is to send a strong message that we won't buy it if it's more than 50% made overseas. Asking for 100% is impossible, but 50% should be do-able unless it's an HP product and they can just F^%$ themselves.

Globalization is fine, but 50% has to stay here if they expect me to buy it.

That's my opinion and I am sticking to it!

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