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I know there are alot of Duramaxes out there that have the body lifts in them. Why is this topic so scarce, Its cheaper to get a little lift with out messing up warranty. I thought there would more info on this site about body lifts. After paying over 40k, don't really want to sink another 5 to 7k on suspension mods,what if I decide to trade in 2yrs. I don't understand why GM doesn't put there HD's up in the air more. My brother-in-law bought a F150 crew cab and his sat about 2" above mine side by side THAT JUST ISN'T RIGHT!!! Dodge and Ford put em up there stock. Also I heard someone say that it isn't good if you want tow alot, whats that got to do with it ya don't hook to the body, I had a body lift & 3" rancho suspension lift in a 94' GMC, didn't have any problems. Any way it would be nice if someone had more input on this topic and maybe some pics of a D/A CC SB GMC with a 3" body lift, Green keys, 1 or 2" rear blocks, nerf bars, lighted visor, and nice rims & tires(crome+bfg's) THANKS


P.S how can I donate some funds to this site fund. It's great to be able to come here and check things out and get educated.
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