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I just purchased a new to me DMAX and the tires are completely shot on it so I need to replace them. Truck is an 03 Chevy 4WD CC SB. It currently has 285/75/16 D BFG AT KO's on it. I don't like the way the tires handle at all. It is too sloppy and encumbered for me and am going back down to either 245 or 265's.

I have been using search extensively and have read for hours about the stock 245/75/16 compared to the 265/75/16 size tires. Everything that I have read seems to focus on how much better the bigger tires look and the difference in fuel economy, but very little is said about the ride and handling differences between the two sizes. Does one size ride better? Does one handle more crisply that the other? I don't like the sloppy soft sidewall feel on any vehicle I drive and don't want to have that sloppy feel if I put 265's on the truck. I would assume that the 245's offer a more responsive feel due to the shorter sidewall. I do however appreciate the appearance of the 265's vs the 245's. Is there a noticeable difference between the two? Handling and ride are more important to me than looks are though. Any input would be appreciated.
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