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Spot on! It severely annoys me, and it's a big reason why my '15 GMC Duramax mileages 4 MPG worse than the '14 Ram Cummins I had. The Cummins will get into high gear quickly, and it locks the converter in 2nd or 3rd gear...can't remember. You can be doing 40 MPH in a Duramax, and it'll be at 1,700 RPM with the converter unlocked. I like the truck, but the Dodge is better in mileage and electronics both.


What they really need is for ME to select the gear the tranny is running in
Look, running empty, doing a gordon lightfoot, and the durn thing is winding away and refusing to shift
The engine has gobs of torque just off idle and I'm doing 35 on a suburban parkway with the engine around 1600 and refuses to shift, that engine should be able to push me along in 5th or 6th at 1200 rpm
Case in point was we moved a combine 90 miles. I ghosted along after it at 15 mph just running interference for traffic and I got a lousy 17mpg - I was fit to be tied becasue it refused to shift and let the engine run just barely off idle - no reason in this world I should not have been getting 30 mpg
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