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Hello everyone,

Quick intro,

I picked up an 06 LBZ CCSB a few months ago, and I'm going to document it's build in this thread.

Previous trucks:

2003 LB7 CCSB Allison Pewter

2001 LB7 CCLB ZF6 White

2003 5.9 HO Cummins CCLB NV5600 Silver, Buckstop Bumper


At a glance:

2006 LBZ CCSB Allison Black


160k or so at the time of posting, Custom ordered LT2 black heated leather, sun roof, rear slider window, no rear dvd, no xm, no onstar, no power mirrors, no tow mirrors, no roof marker lights.

Egr delete? Down pipe back exhaust? HD tie rods? Tie rod braces? (Will update as I find out more.)

B&W Turn Over, 285s, running boards, ARE color matched topper w/front slider, tonneau cover, bilsteins all around.


Topics/Projects I'm looking into:

deep pan, torsion twist, steering components, steering shaft, tranny cooler, efi live, battery cables, tires, what do I have egr, exhaust etc. fuel gauge, lift pump, bumpers, a pillar gauges, back up camera, 5th wheel 7way plug power fold mirrors, add XM, add OnStar, add TNR, LUX Y91, Rear Sub, Rear DVD,
(Jumbled mess, will organize later.)


So I own and operate a lawn service, I sold my LB7 CCLB ZF6 to get this truck. The reason I sold that truck was because it had too much rust, the transmission was starting to lose synchros, and the injectors were going out sooner than later.

I knew I wanted another Duramax, after owning the Cummins NV5600, and the ZF6 I knew I wanted an automatic. Don't get me wrong the manuals are great and I loved them out on the interstate, and up through the mountains. In town with the stop and go traffic the auto is just so much easier.

The other two must haves for the "new" Duramax were a sunroof and heated leather.

My DD/"all around" rig is an 04 Escalade ESV Platinum. I absolutely love this machine 6.0, 4L65E and very luxurious.

I basically want to turn my LBZ LT2 into a fully loaded LT3. I'm trying to get it as close as I can to the Cadillac as far as the interior is concerned.

Current condition:

Has a little rust hole in the front passenger.
Clear coat is completely gone on the hood, and more than half of the cab.
Interior is pulled out (need to power wash the carpet, was tracking down a short for the passenger side windows, also want to upgrade the stereo/amp to an LUX Y91 version)
Had all the fluids flushed.

Repairs I've done:

Straightened tailgate :)rolleyes:)
Replaced tailgate handle.
Fluid flush (trusted shop)
Rear axle shaft seals (trusted shop)
Lower Facia Plastic
Replaced missing front tow hooks
New Batteries

Planned Repairs:

Fuel sender (gets to half or 1/4 tank and drops to empty immediately, planning on a lift pump & sending unit)

Will not restart without priming if parked with the nose uphill (primer pump rebuild)

One of the axle side shock mounts got ripped off and half ass repaired (new mount)

Fog Light wiring was clipped off

Dash/Steering Wheel some lights are out

Heated Seat bottoms don't work

Sloppy steering

Clunking Noise under the driver side (possibly related to the steering issue)

Passenger side seat won't recline (broken switch)

Driver side seat control plastic (broken from people sliding on and off the seat)

Driver side arm rest leather is cracked

Spare tire plastic tube/mechanism

Driver side battery cable(s)

Planned Upgrades:

LUX Y91 Amp Conversion (have amp)

Add XM (have some wiring, box, mount, and antennas)

Install 06+ Shark Fin style antenna (have antenna, and some wiring from 06 escalade)

Install OnStar (have box, early style antenna, and some wiring)

Escalade door handles

Navigation Stereo

Underseat subwoofers (using Y91 convertor)

Backup Camera

EFI Live/Tune

Shift Kit/Built Transmission

Transfer case rub issue (TBD)

Rear DVD

Cab Roof Lights (have OEM lights + harness)

7 Way trailer plug in the bed for 5th wheel

Front & Rear bumpers

Prodigy P3 brake controller (have them in 3 other vehicles, they're excellent IMO)

Tires (Thinking Dick Cepek Fun Country 285s on factory wheels, or the same on H2 wheels)

Front and Rear bumpers, (so far I like the ARB up front, but would like front and rear matching bumpers. I had a buckstop on the Cummins)

(Others to be added I'm sure :popcorn:)

Links to other threads for my and your reference:












Not sure if other links are allowed, but these as well:

New TNR with LUX AMP (Y91)

Nav System Tech Info..

Duramax Navigation Upgrade

AMP Harness MODS


With all of that said, I'm more than happy to document my progress as this build continues, I plan on keeping this truck for quite awhile and am more than willing to help others out with their builds/trucks as time goes on.

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Finally got some pics for everyone!


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So this is a little bit out of order, but no one likes threads without pictures, so here goes.

These pictures are showing off the new shoes.

Dick Cepek Fun Country 285/75R16

I've had fantastic luck with all of my DC tires, ran a set on my old DMax as well in the older tread pattern.

This set of tires came down to B.F. Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2s and the tires I ended up with.

Within $1 in price between the two and these look more aggressive and I've had excellent luck with them so here they are.


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Prior to the tires I did a few things:

New lower facia
New lights all the way around
Sweet chrome tailgate handle
Plastic bed liner (to be removed)
Tailgate plastic diamond plate trim piece
Curt 15302 hitch cause the factory one was beginning to crack :eek:


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Here's some pics of the old duramax just cause.


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Here's a few of the Dodge.

This one had a bully dog, 4" exhaust, this one originally sparked my interest in actually "building" a diesel truck.

The duramax was all stock.


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Now on to the good stuff! (And hopefully some better pictures that aren't all sideways)

So the reason for the new tires, driver side front tire blew up a belt or two internally and it had a wicked shake in the front, and the tread was nearly gone.

While I was changing out the new tires I noticed my driver side swaybar link is toast, my driver side UCA has 1 toasted bushing for sure. The upper ball joint isn't fully seated, and then after the new meats I noticed the rotors are warped as well.

So on the short list we'll be getting the following:

1. Swaybar links (kryptonite or cognito)

2. Pads and Rotors (leaning towards the powerstop stuff)

3. Upper Control Arms (leaning kryptonite or cognito again)

On the medium list:

1. I have a coolant leak I need to track down

2. Both passenger side windows don't roll down (have it isolated to the pass. rear, and not the circuit breaker)

3. I need some battery cables in a pretty bad way particularly the driver side set.

4. Wire up the fog lights someone clipped the ends that plug into the bulbs.

5. Get the matching sized spare (285) mounted in the factory spot.

6. Fuel filter housing has an air leak (won't start if parked for awhile with the nose up)

Fortunately now that mowing season has slowed down a bit I'll actually be able to get working on this thing a bit more and show some progress here!

I appreciate everyone having me here and your patience!
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