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So..maybe I wish I had done more research before diving into a project. Not sure yet.

Anyway I had one line that was leaking pretty bad so I figured if I was going through the pain of changing one that I should change them all while in there.

None of the connection points (with the clips) were leaking so I figured I would leave them alone. I've had other vehicles that had that style of connection leak and changing the fitting stopped the leak..pretty easy.

Anyway, I get it all done and do a couple of days of test driving with no leaks and no problems. Then to give it a good "local test" and had my daughter take the gooseneck and some horses out for for an afternoon.

Well after 30 minutes or so of a good tow one of the fittings going into the tranny oil cooler started leaking and kinda partway popped out.

I figured the clip would be busted but it was actually still installed but kinda bent or something weird. It took some doing to take out. We had taken some extra clips with us and installed one of those filled up the tranny again and have driven without further incident for a day or so.

I had originally installed the same clips that came from the factory. To my knowledge this was the only time they had been apart since 2005 when it was made.

So...what now. Do I get all new fittings or clips, since I obviously have some trust issues now with this clip setup.

Now that I've had this problem any searching shows there are lots of issues with the transmission line set up used by GM.

Looking for suggestions..and wanting to vent... grrr

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