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So back story, bought a CCLB 05, tuned by kory willis, built trans from mike L. Got it for only 5k with 170k on the clock.

truck blew the original motor, the kid i bought it from got a new motor but didnt remember how to get everything back together.

I finally got everything back together and running.

PROBLEM is that when in drive normally it feels like the torque converter slips when reaching a higher rpm in 4th. it just doenst shift like it should. my max speed was only 55mph while holding the top of 4th nearing 3k rpm.

When attempting to push it further by applying more throttle i end up popping a P0700 and P0777 code.

P0700- ECM saying TCM code present
P0777- Shift B solenoid stuck open

When codes pop up it goes into limp mode.

I can clear the codes with EFI. But they will come back if i try to push it.

What is weird is that i can stop all these odd shift behaviors by just putting it in TOW/Haul mode?

And thats where im stumped any help is appreciated.

I dont know what stage build the trans has nor the condition prior to me buying it. Was told the truck was built by the original owner for being reliable tow set up. It does appear to have a light purple/violet torque converter installed.

Has the appropriate level of DEXIII, with a recent drain and fill and new spin on. (Havent dropped the pan)

New NSBU switch from amazon (AC DELCO box)

Truck has been sitting all completely disconnected for 2+ years, do i need to do a relearn procedure for the trans? or drive it to let it relearn how to shift?

I read and searched and read some more. Just seems like have the reverse problem of most people.
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