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New to this forum and relatively new to the Duramax world, going on about 8 months.

I’ve 169000 miles on a stock LB7, I believe it was chipped by a previous owner at some stage.
It had been working and performing great up until about 12 days ago when I noticed It starting to lose power...this got slightly worse over the course of a few days and now feels like a 4 cylinder off starting off.

I’ve been researching what this could be on various forums and tried all the common problems. I’ve got a new air filter in there, fuel filter, cleaned the MAF, looked at all of the fuel lines for kinks and done a boost leak test and I’ve found nothing. It’s not blowing any black smoke or any white smoke. I have not had it read yet by a computer but have no check engine lights, idle and temperatures are fine so I’m not sure what to consider next?

Any help or some ideas of the right direction to go in would be great.

Thanks again
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