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2001 starter grinding

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Once in a while this happens on engagement, let up then its ok. I heard there was a service bulletin on this. anyone else have this issue? Truck has had no other issues whatsoever at all. 90,000 miles.
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My starter did that since augest when I bought it. It would turn the starter but wouldnt engage. Made a grinding noise. Checked the ring gear it was all good. Finally this last saturday I decided I was gonna change it. Called the dealership they wanted $1075 plus tax canadian. So I called autoelectric and got a reman for $220 +tax with lifetime warranty so I was happy. Replacement was simple disconnect batteries 8mm and 13mm nuts on starter wires. and 2 15mm mounting bolts. One exhaust clamp and starter was out. I'd say it only took 1hr total to R+R it with air tools. Look at aftermarket for a starter they come with warranty and are way less $$.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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