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2001 starter grinding

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Once in a while this happens on engagement, let up then its ok. I heard there was a service bulletin on this. anyone else have this issue? Truck has had no other issues whatsoever at all. 90,000 miles.
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This's a fairly common issue with the LB7's at least; mine has 102,000mi with original starter and batteries, and does it probably once every 50-80 starts. I haven't seen a service bulliten yet, but I'd like to if there is one.

There're apparently two issues that can cause it; chipped flywheel teeth or a worn starter (bendix gear specifically). Hopefully its the latter, because new starters go for $100-200 on eBay, and 2-4 hours to install. Flywheel of course, would be a bigger issue.

When my truck was in for injectors (~99,000mi), I asked them to take a look at it; they found the flywheel was fine and of course couldn't replicate the condition in the shop, so, I'm basically SOL now that warranty is up if it turns out to be flywheel.

How many miles on your '01? I'd assume more than 36,000; the starter's only covered under initial warranty, not engine.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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