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Has anyone checked out the Stanadyne FM100? Remember a while back I posted that I bought another Cat filter head, that took a 150 micron water separator element? I intended to mount with the big Cat filter. While browsing Stanadyne's website I found information on the FM100 which is that Cat head I purchased bare. Come to find out, you can get a 150, 30, 5 or 2 micron filter element for that head!!! And get this, you can also equip it with a hand primer, ELECTRIC primer, or LIFT PUMP!!! An in unit fuel heater is also available, but you cannot add the pumps, unless you go to the "Side-Load Heater" option. Other options include WIF, see through plastic bowl, and a 150 micron pre-filter screen. I think one of these with a lift pump, 150 or 30 micron element, in front of a Nicktane, would be a hot setup.


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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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