Mileage:300000 M
I have here a 1998 Burb. She ran good when we moved here and had a bunch of the steering components replaced just before we got here. Including new tires all the way around. I replaced the battery too. It is dirty on the inside from sitting in the Oregon air. It has the third row seat that is in great shape. We got a smaller commuter car after we got back to Oregon when my wife's father passed away. So it's been sitting due to that and Oregons fuel is just crap. I'm tired of seeing her just sitting out back and not being used.

For the move home from New Mexico I replaced the fuel pressure regulator and the upper plenum seals. Had both heads freshened up. Replaced everything in the front end but the upper and lower ball joints. New breaks and tires from Pep Boys in Vegas including the front rotors.

Chipmunks have chewed through the fuel line from the top to the hard line under the cab. And it is acting like the fuel pump is going out. And like above it needs a good cleaning inside.

I'm not in a position to ship so would prefer a local or pick up.

The $500 is just to put something in the heading. I am open to trades of ocean fishing gear or come out and make me an offer. Hell, I might even give it to you if you shake your ass and the wife smiles. I'm just sick seeing her sit here and not being used. And most locals just want to park it somewhere and move into it to live.