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1995 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 6.5 TD
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If the WTS light comes on for about 7 seconds the truck will start normal and drive. Sometimes for 10 minutes sometimes 15 or more. It will stall usually on deceleration or breaking. Check for codes and get #14 #42 #57 #58 #62 pretty consistently, Before rebuilt injector pump used to get sometimes #18 #35 #48 #54 and others. Clear the codes with break and throttle pedals goes back to #12 and if the WTS light just flickers it won't start have to reclear codes until WTS comes on for 7 seconds and it will start and drive. farthest I will go from home is about 20 minuets. Runs smooth and normal power. Has new lift pump and 5-6 PSI at the IP oil PSI sender/switch is new as well as the GPR. I added an additional ground wire in the harness to the IP and senders. No EGR. filters are all new. new IP with Dtronics PMD still mounted to the pump (doesn't have 100 miles on it) Batteries are strong and good connections no smoke It is quite hot here -90 - 95'
1. Check your grounds first. Grounds-Grounds-Grounds The importance of good grounds.....
2. Buy a new pmd and extension cable from a reputable vendor to remote down in the front bumper rt side behind the license plate or in behind the grill. The PMD mounted on the pump gets heat soaked and destroyed.
3. install a clear fuel line on the return side of the pump to detect if there are air bubbles. You can pick it up at any auto parts store.
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