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Well he finally replied to my email asking him if he was having injector issues. It appears he was having injector problems.

Here is his reply to my email------>>>

Hi Mike,
Well the latest from GM is 20 percent failure rate on injectors,but
dont worry you have 100k warrenty.I made a big mistake selling my
Dura, Mike
you will get a life long service out of that truck if you maintain
right,keep the fuel filter changed,and the oil,ect.I ran Dello 400 in
mine,or use Rotella,use a Delco filter,not Fram.
Injectors problems will be,hard start or as mine was doing when I sold
it, And the guy who bought it knew all about them,he is a heavy tech
at a
Chevy dealer,anyway,at idle,say at a long light you go to take off
and will
leave a blue smoke cloud,like a oil burning gas motor.Make sure if
this is
happening that you get it fixed right away,like I said you have
plenty of
warrenty left,but if you dont they have been wiping out main bearings
due to
fuel in oil.Dont be freaked out about the injectors,just if they go
bad go
to dealer and have them replaced.Like I said I should have kept
what is done is done,but I will buy another one in a year or so,there
good engine and a great truck,any other questions feel free to ask,I
am on
the road most of the week but will answer when I get home.
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