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19.5 instock anywhere

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I ordered a set of American Force 19.5 rims and tires. I was told they were being shipped out the next day. I then get a call and say they damanged two rims with a forklift. They then said they were going to be on back order till Feb. I called a few other places and no one seems to have these rims in stock.
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I deal with phelps tire's alot there the only one's I let touch my trucks. they stock alot of 19.5 tires and some locations may have wheels as well, not sure about custom rims or the sort but there great folks. tho they are only in Wa and Ak, if you were having some shipped any how then give them a call see what they can do for you.

you can find them "HERE"
Call Brent @ www.brentzwheels.com

These are more expensive than the A/F but are much higher quality and actually designed for your truck.
Try Rickson here in MD

minytrker, I will have to check out your wheels once you get them on your truck. I want to get a set for my dually one day.
BIG MACZ;1542338; said:
They said 6-8 weeks. :(
minytrker;1544508; said:
They said 6-8 weeks. :(

I got my rims in today, but they didnt have any tires mounted on them. :banghead: I called the place I bought them from and they were pretty pissed, they said they dont know how the supplier screws up the order, the invoice clearly says rims and tires. So Im told they are over nighting me 6 tires and they told me to go get them mounted and balanced and called them with the total and they will over night me a check.
Thats not to shabby as far as customer service goes...they could have said...eh that sucks..
It gets better, they over night me the tires and they didnt show up. I have the tracking number and it says overnight shipping but it is showing delivery for tomorrow which makes it 2 day shipping. I cant win.
Be sure and check your steel inners for running tru I went thru 2 sets ,they were seperate from the rims as Budnik does not supply a steel wheel. But there not many suppliers so most get them the same place and they have to have the bore machined out .
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