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Yes you are right. My deluxe kit comes with the one shot relay switch on the bottom of the pump control box. Didn't know that was there so a big thanks for pointing that out. Mr. Kennedy really did put a thorough kit together.

Sorry for the obtuse question. Will the switch plate would fit in a single DIN or double DIN radio mount kit? Where are you planning on mounting yours?
Kennedy does offer quality products.

Heres another manufacturer for much less money. I think the switch panels are pretty much the same size and can be mounted anywhere.

  • Panel Size: 4.5*2.6*0.6 inch
  • Circuit Box Size: 7.5*1.3*4.1 inch
  • Panel Material: High quality ABS
  • Circuit Box Material: Die-case aluminum
  • Input Voltage: 12V / 24V DC
  • Maximum Power: 600W at 12V / 1200W at 24V
  • Maximum Current: 60A
  • Operating Temperature: - 40° C ~ + 150° C
  • Maximum Instantaneous Current: 100A
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