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Good day to all.

I have had EFI Live installed for almost 7 yrs.
In that time La truck has developed an intermittent issue with its ALLY. I've had said Ally serviced at a DETROIT Diesel shop, Yet the issue noted below continues to plague me.

(Tow Haul - Cruise) pulling 9750lb Citation 26RKS 5th Wheel - Rocky Mountains
1: Trans is often loathe to drop a gear going uphill..
2; Trans will from time to time limp after the downhill portion of a hill. - ZERO CODES EVER
3: To fix, I pull over (which can be bloody dangerous on that 2 Lane Highway), let EGT's drop, shut off - Re-start and off I go....like nothing was wrong.

Note: most sections of the Highway from about West Lake Louise, Ab to Kamloops BC is still a 2 lane highway. (with growing sections of 10-12 miles here n there that are Freeway)..avg speeds (2 Lane), are 55-65mph.

EXTREMELY puzzling and I have asked many knowledgeable folks in the industry. WTF.??
Having had a Software experience with a previous "TUNER", and then it too not ever throwing a CODE, I'm pretty well convinced EFI Live is the Culprit.

So Going bk to stock and once done will throw 3 jugs of Transynd 668 into it.

(As for those who may be travelling through the Rockies this yr from Alberta...this is a very interesting look at the ongoing construction of the Kicking Horse pass (Golden), section of Highway 1 (FINALY), being constructed:

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