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Good day to all.

I have had EFI Live installed for almost 7 yrs.
In that time La truck has developed an intermittent issue with its ALLY. I've had said Ally serviced at a DETROIT Diesel shop, Yet the issue noted below continues to plague me.

(Tow Haul - Cruise) pulling 9750lb Citation 26RKS 5th Wheel - Rocky Mountains
1: Trans is often loathe to drop a gear going uphill..
2; Trans will from time to time limp after the downhill portion of a hill. - ZERO CODES EVER
3: To fix, I pull over (which can be bloody dangerous on that 2 Lane Highway), let EGT's drop, shut off - Re-start and off I go....like nothing was wrong.

Note: most sections of the Highway from about West Lake Louise, Ab to Kamloops BC is still a 2 lane highway. (with growing sections of 10-12 miles here n there that are Freeway)..avg speeds (2 Lane), are 55-65mph.

EXTREMELY puzzling and I have asked many knowledgeable folks in the industry. WTF.??
Having had a Software experience with a previous "TUNER", and then it too not ever throwing a CODE, I'm pretty well convinced EFI Live is the Culprit.

So Going bk to stock and once done will throw 3 jugs of Transynd 668 into it.

(As for those who may be travelling through the Rockies this yr from Alberta...this is a very interesting look at the ongoing construction of the Kicking Horse pass (Golden), section of Highway 1 (FINALY), being constructed:


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So let me make sure I understand this. You have had the same tune for seven years it has never been touched and you are just starting to have issues year later?
Do you have an engine and trans tune?
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